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Grass Fed Meat

Our Farm is Located in Austin, Texas. Our Meat is Grown in extensive and Fresh Lands, where Our Animals Breeds Life at their best. Our Grass Fed steaks tend to be much lower in total fat than grainfed steaks. For example, a sirloin steak from a grassfed steer has about one half to one third the amount of fat as a similar cut from a grainfed steer. Our Choices are determined in an ethical and respectful way, both for animals and humans.

Whats's the difference


Grass Fed

Lower in total fat than grainfed steaks. Beef is rich in Omega 3 and has lower Calories.

  • Leaner and Juicer
  • Higher Moisture
  • Content Rich in Omega 3
  • Fatty Acids Rich in Vitamins
  • Fatty Acids Low Calories
  • Low Cholesterol

Grain Fed

Cattle confined in feed lots. Beef has much more Calories, compared to Grass Fed.

  • Greisy Meat
  • Lower Moisture Content
  • “Fattened Up” by Grain
  • Regular Consumption non Reccommended
  • Higher Calories
  • Higher Cholesterol

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